1979 - 2019

36th Season 
Entertaining since 1979 

 Celebrating 40 Years of Entertainment  

Directed by Jennie Evans


August 26 and 27

6 - 8 PM

at the 

Hart County Library

Auditions will be a cold read from the script.

Grace Bradley F Mid 30's to Early 40's Mother, anguished director of Christmas Pageant.

Bob Bradley M Mid 30's to Early 40's
Father, Ward Cleaver type with a sense of humor.

Beth Bradley F Mid to Early Teens
Narrator of the story, (many lines).

Charlie Bradley M Early Teens
Traditional kid brother, (many lines).

Alice Wendleken F 10 to 12
Prim, proper, pain in the neck, (many lines).

Imogene Herdman F Early Teens
Loud, bossy, crafty, (many lines).

Gladys Herdman F 10 to 12
Feisty, fighter, imaginative, (many lines).

Ralph Herdman M Early Teens
Ragged, scroungy, slouching manner, touch of adolescent cool.

Leroy Herdman M10 to 12
Tough, sure of himself.

Claude Herdman
M/F 9 - 11 Tough, combative (role may be male or female)

Ollie Herdman  M/F 8 - 10
Looking for trouble, Claude's partner in crime

Mrs. Armstrong F 50ish
Managerial in voice and manner, likes to be in charge.

Mrs. Slocum F 30's to 60's
Pleasant, motherly type.

Mrs. Clark F 30's to 60's 
Pleasant, motherly type.

Mrs. Clausing F 30's to 60's
Pleasant, motherly type.

Mrs. McCarthy F 40ish
Snooty. A younger version of Mrs. Armstrong.

Maxine F 10 to 12 
A worrier, narrator of the Christmas Pageant.

Elmer Hopkins M10 to Early Teens Son of Reverend Hopkins.

Hobie M/F 8 to 10 
Charming with a big smile.

David M/F 8 to 10

Beverly F 7 to 10
Bit of a whiner.

Reverend Hopkins M late 40's to 60's A nervous man.

Baby Angels