1979 - 2019

36th Season 
Entertaining since 1979 

 Celebrating 40 Years of Entertainment  


Thank you for making Leave It All On Stage such a success!

Meet the Cast!

  • Dwayne Donald
    Dwayne Donald Director
  • Marisa Campbell
    Marisa Campbell Director
  • Alissa Andreassi-Shipman
    Alissa Andreassi-Shipman
  • Olivia Andreassi
    Olivia Andreassi
  • Justus Bowers
    Justus Bowers
  • Stephen Bowers
    Stephen Bowers
  • Ian Brown
    Ian Brown
  • Tilley Campbell
    Tilley Campbell
  • Madison Clements
    Madison Clements
  • Jackson Donald
    Jackson Donald
  • Morgan Donald
    Morgan Donald
  • Peyton Donald
    Peyton Donald
  • Kayla Ellenberger
    Kayla Ellenberger
  • Tristan Emerson
    Tristan Emerson
  • Emma Grant
    Emma Grant
  • Lauren Guest
    Lauren Guest
  • Philip Hiott
    Philip Hiott
  • Raine Hiott
    Raine Hiott
  • Jennie Jesser
    Jennie Jesser
  • Cescily King
    Cescily King
  • Bridget Lacy
    Bridget Lacy
  • Lydia Lacy
    Lydia Lacy
  • Racheal Lacy
    Racheal Lacy
  • David Mann
    David Mann
  • Ethan Mann
    Ethan Mann
  • Michelle Mann
    Michelle Mann
  • Payton Mann
    Payton Mann
  • Kenny Merritt
    Kenny Merritt
  • Kerilee Pruitt
    Kerilee Pruitt
  • Kerri Pruitt
    Kerri Pruitt
  • Abigail Rushing
    Abigail Rushing
  • Anna Webb
    Anna Webb
Dwayne Donald
Dwayne Donald Director
American Idiot - backing track
American Idiot