Ye Olde Tyme Variety Show Ye Olde Tyme Variety Show The Hobson Family HCCT's fave gospel singers 52318547 Jean and Jim Smith HCCT's fave husband and wife team 52318548 Cathy Hicks HCCT's Fave flutist! 52318549 The Dancing Chicken and Cow! HCCT's fave barnyard! 52318550 Hot Shots Dancers! HCCT gets a glimpse of the action! 53108345 Garlene Smithson and Mary Alice Ray HCCT's fave dulcimer players! 52318551 Hot Shots Dancers! Meanwhile, back stage... 53108346 A Hot Shots Dancer! Elyssa Smith takes a few photos back stage... 53108347 Hot Shots Dancing! Dancers grooving to the tune of Gloria Estafan... 53108348 Hot Shots Again! The Hot Shots dancers took the stage... and kept it! 53108349 A Little Comedy! Kayla Hill and Kathryn Alexander show the crowd how the dance happens in the ole barn yard... 53108350 Kayla Hill back stage! Elyssa Smith captures Kayla Hill in a moment of reflection... 53108351 A Hot Shots Solo! The hottest act... back stage! Elyssa Smith captures a dancer between numbers... 53108352 Kayla Hill In The Corner! Elyssa has Kayla where she wants her! On film, on the internet... 53108353 The Crowded Back Stage... A Hot Shots dancer relaxes between numbers. 53108354 A Couple of Hot Shots Dancers! It's getting crowded back stage.... 53108355