36th Season 
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 A southern comedy of caskets and country craziness puts the "fun" in funeral. When "mean and surly" Mr. Turpin suddenly dies, his nitwit relations from church and county come together to merrily mark his demise in a hilarious melting pot which includes a loud Bible thumping widow, a businessman who cleans parking lots, a reverend with the runs, a tubby junk food enthusiast, and a super-duper suspicious wife.


Friday, August 25 6-8 PM Sunday, August 27 2-4 PM


Bud Turpin - 50-80 - Elderly father who dies in 1st scene.

Raynelle Turpin - 50-80 - Bud's widow - Christian family woman who tells it like it is in a quiet, unassuming manner.

Ray-Bud Turpin - 30-40 - Eldest son - recovering alcoholic, terribly afraid of death and none too happy to be footing the funeral bill.

Lucille Turpin - 30-40 - Ray-Bud's wife - desperately wants to have baby. Motherly type who takes care of everyone.

Junior Turpin - 30-40 -  Younger son - married with MANY children and completely broke due to a very bad business decision.

Suzanne Turpin - 30-40 - Junior's wife -  passive/aggressive personality. Wants to be a professional singer but has no talent.

Marguerite - 50-80 - Bud's sister - devoutly and aggressively Christian, very loud and controlling of her offspring and any situation.

Royce - 20-40 - Marguerite's son - out of work with no future plans .More of an observer than a doer.

Delightful - 20-40 - Bud and Raynelle's daughter - overweight. Eats constantly, only speaks when spoken to.

Reverend Hooker - 40-80 - Parish minister - a minister tired of ministering. Becomes "ill" at funeral.

Veda - 50-80 - Elderly friend of the family - caregiver to her sickly husband and doesn't let anyone forget it.

Norval - 50-80 - Veda's husband - hard of hearing and hard to understand. Kept alive by oxygen masks, meds and Veda's sheer will.